My first MUN (Model United Nation)

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MACMUN was my first experience and it was quite interesting and exciting moment I ever had and to participate in many more MUN is my decision. Till now I know how it change my life and my outlook as a responsible youth for making the world a better place for living. I was representing Singapore as a general assembly delegate and i knew that how the UN conference are being held. SINGAPORE is part of UN members whose role in fighting against terrorism is important as those of who against Osama Bin Laden and any other terrorist activities. Singapore believes in WORLD PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHT. SINGAPORE is also members of ASEAN.

The first day of MACMUN conference was blind to me, but on the next day as like the other delegates i was also enjoying the committee. Our agenda was all about h…ow to fight against terrorism and trafficking of small arms and securing borders. I salute delegates of  USA, PAKISTAN, INDIA, JAPAN and GREECE for their excellent survey and presentation. After drafting a successful resolution the two days conference was over by saying “MEET U IN MANY MUN”.

Every day after MACMUN one big question i need to answer is that, what is the responsible as a global citizen?? The answer is still vague as my responsible is so vast. My responsible as a citizen to fight against corruption which is big demon in our country, and on the other hand I saw again injustice, violation of human right, inequality, loss of human dignity, famine,backwardness, etc,..but  I do not scare to be against all these. I hope one day I will work as and a means to ends these evil that ruin our society. I hope MUN will lead me to a successful carrier in my life and to contribute my best for my fellow citizens.


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2 thoughts on “My first MUN (Model United Nation)

  1. Robert Zarzolien

    St. Paul i thaw thra khawpel. A dang khawm hung post pei rawh. Ei hnam, student tam tak hai hi khawm hi participate thei inla thrang hleng a tih. Iengtinam a thaw dan ding la hung post la thra hleng a tih.Lawm a um khawpel.

    1. Hminga Songate

      “St. Paul i thaw tha khaw­pel. A dang khawm hung post pei rawh. Ei hnam, stu­dent tam tak hai khawm hi par­tic­i­pate thei inla tha hleng a tih. Iengti­nam a thaw dan ding la hung post la tha hleng a tih. Lawm a um khawpel” ti i ziek tum ka ring………….kan tlanhmang nghal, lungsen awi lo. Haha.

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