Haflong-ah Silent Rally nei a nih

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March 31, 2012 a L Neisang Khawzawl, Muolhoi a in bomb a deng a ni le inzawmin zani khan Haflong-ah to tawka lamhrawna (Silent Rally) nei a nih. L Neisang Khawzawl hi Muolhoi Village Committee a President ni lai a nih. Hi rally hi Hmar Inpui, Hmar People Union, Hmar Youth Association, Hmar Students Association le Hmar Women Association haiin an huoihawt a nih. Kha bomb dengtu kha man nghal dinga phutna le an dodalzie in entirna dinga lamhrawna hi nei a nih.

In protest against the bomb blast at the residence of L. Neisang Khozol, President Muolhoi, on 31st march last, and demanding immediate arrest of culprits, the  Hmar Inpui, Hmar Students Association, Hmar Youth Association etc. organised a protest Rally at Haflong today (Thursday).

Hundreds of people took out a silent procession from Muolhoi which marched to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dima Hasao, Haflong.

They also submitted a memorandum the Deputy Commissioner, Dima Hasao Haflong detailing the incident and demanded immediate arrest of the culprit’s, and to arrange adequate compensation to the damage caused by blast.

It is stated in the memorandum that the Hmar Community have on the other stronger words to condemn the terror-design of the Bomb blast on 31st March 2012 in the residence of Shri L. Neisang Khawzawl, President, Muolhoi Village Committee, Muolhoi.

The Hmar communities all over India feel that it was, and still is a threat to their community. The Hmar in N. C. Hills in particular feel that our safety and security were at stake. The evil design was to create some fear psychosis and communal tension. As loyal and abiding citizens, we want peace and tranquillity amongst every tribe in this tiny and backward district. (~ Assam Times)

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