Manipur Post Matric Scholarship Form (Fresh & Renewal) downlaod thei a nih

Manipur mi inchuklai hai tadinga Post Matric Scholarship For ST Application Form, a thar a hlui hai downlaod thei a nih. Hi form hi Academic Session 2012 – 2013 sunga ding a nih.

Last Date of Submission: 30th November, 2012 (Last Date nghak pawla ṭhang awi lo a ni aw, College a submit hun ding an naw a, Directorate of Tribal Affiars & Hills office a tlungna ding a nih)

A form print dan ding: Legal Size Paper ah both side a print ding.

Notice le Application Form downlaod link hai:

Hi laia ( inthawka hi fe thei a ni a, i la hmu naw rawp chun a hnuoiah aw.


Form (Fresh):

Form (Renewal):

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