Manmasi Year Book (Vol. – III) tlangzar ding

Hun sawt taka inthawka Manmani Publication in a lo buoipui tah, Manmasi Year Book, Volume pathumna chuh hung tlung ding December 23, 2014 hin tlangzar ning a tih. Tlangzarna hunser hmangna huna thang dingin Releasing Committee chun a hnuoia ang hin mitin a fiel a nih.


Beisei taka ei lo thlir Manmasi Year Book, Vol-III chu Ruolngul’s Cottage, Muolvaiphei-ah December 23, 2014 (11:00 AM) hin mipui inchawk le tiem thei dingin    Rev. Ros Infimate, Chairman, Hmar Christian Leaders’ Forum, India-in a tlangzar  ding a ni a. Hi taka hin mi tuelkhawm ngaina taka hung ṭhang dingin kan fiel cheu. Programme chu a hnuoia mi ang hi ning a tih.

 Manmasi Year Book, Vol. III


Date: 23rd December, 2014
Venue: Ruolngul’s Cottage, Muolvaiphei, Tuithaphai, Churachandpur, Manipur.
Time: 11:00 AM
Host: Shri Lalthalur Infimate, Lecturer, Rengkai Higher Secondary School.
  • Keynote Address: Shri Darsiemlien Ruolngul, Chairman, Manmasi Year Book, Vol.-III, Releasing Committee.
  • Preview: Shri Joseph Joute, Chief Sub Editor, Manmasi Year    Book, Vol.-III
  • About the Year Boo: Shri Timothy Z. Zote, Editor, Manmasi Year Book ,Vol.III
  • Releasing of the\Manmasi Year Book, Vol. III & Speech: Rev. Ros Infimate, Chairman, Hmar Christian Leaders Forum, India.
  • Dedication: Rev. Jessai L. Neitham, D/S EFCI Saikawt District
  • Speech: Shri Lalthomlien Hmar, Chairman, Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council, Govt. of Asom.
  • Vote of Thanks: Dr. Joseph Suantak, Executive Editor, Manmasi Year Book, Vol-III
  • Closing Prayer: Pastor L. Ramlawm Inbuon, Divisional Superintendent ICI, Saikot Division


Sd/-                                                                     Sd/-

Shri Darsiemlien Ruolngul,                                  Shri David L. Lungtau

Chairman,                                                           Secretary,




Edited by Timothy Z.Zote

–          Prof. Lal Dena,  Manipur University Campus, Imphal

The first volume of Manmasi Year Book was published in 2005 and the second volume in 2006-2007. The present volume is the third publication which contains valuable information on important years and events in Manmasian history, facts about India in general and selected north eastern states. It also covers articles on burning problems like the Naga political movement, Social profiling: The root causes of racial discrimination; Hmar Struggle for Self-determination, Analytical study of the conversion of the Hmar into Christianity, Kuki movement in process, Journalism and Mizo; Growth of self-governing institutions in the hill areas of Manipur and Harmonious happiness written by competent authorities on the subject. This year book is a multi-lingual written in English, Hmar and Mizo. The uniqueness of this Manmasi Year Book is that the information contained in all the volumes is all relevant and useful for all seasons and times. For any general reader, research scholar and planners who want to pursue further studies on tribes of Manmasi origin covering Chin-Kuki-Mizo, the present volume and the earlier two volumes are indispensable.

We congratulate Timothy Z.Zote and his colleagues for having brought out the present volume which involves a lot of hard work and extensive research.

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