Buotsaituhai Thukhawchâng

Ruonglevaisuo.com hi iem ana?

  • Community blog a nih.
  • A sunga um hai hi ‘user (members) contributed content’ a nih.
  • Mani inhnik zawng taphawt (articles, news, fiction, etc. etc…) zalen taka hril tlangna dinga dawkan (platform) a nih.

Tu hai am member hai chuh?

  • A nuom taphawt chu member ni thei an tih.
  • In register nuom chun, clik here.
  • You are free to use any kind of nickname here, but not offensive.

Ieng anga hmang ding am?

  • Member po povin post siem thei an tih.
  • Member hai in comment hi makmaw a ngai ding (but about the topic).
  • Click here for ‘help’ to make a post.

A thiltum tak iem ana?

  • Vantlang ngaidan hrisel tak siemna dinga hriltlangna dawkan siem.
  • Hmar tawnga thuziek uor a, suk hmasawn ding.
  • To be a mouth piece for every Hmars, whoever wants to….

– Administrators

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